Life stressing you out? Lush's new Bath Bomb can help you chill tf out

trending 15/08/2017

Even though we're a while away from exams, if studying and thinking about if you'll pass or fail is starting to stress you out and now that you're reading this you're anxiety is starting to rise because you weren't even thinking about that untill NOW AND OMG.

We'll then you need to get yourself this Bath Bomb so instead, you can feel like this:

Lush has a new bath bomb called the 'Rocket Science Bomb' 

It's packed with lemon and bergamot oils, which not only smells legit as, but it's also good for your brain. They've said the oils in the bomb have an "uplifting effect on the mind" and are "an excellent remedy to curb anxiety and stress."

So if this sounds like a bit of you, it's online right now!