Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were just spotted cuddling up at Ed Sheeran's concert

scandal 14/08/2017

Looks like Dom doesn't stand a chance now (even though he tried his hardest flirting up a storm with her)

This weekend Ed Sheeran played at the Staples Center in L.A, and tbh how could you not feel like being in love with him singing to you like:

But who were spotted amongst the crowd? KATY FLIP'N PERRY AND ORLANDO BLOOM.

Fan's spotted the pair in the crowd (even though they wore great disguises i.e black baseball caps). E! News spoke to some of those fans saying:

They definitely seemed like they're back together, They cuddled most of the night. She sat on his lap most of the night and shared kisses.

Katy and Orlando havn't made any mention of being back together since they broke up bake in February but after being reuniting in April for a birthday party and now this...could we be on the way back to those naked paddleboarding days??