Jessica from Love Island shares pics ahead of her second boob job

Love Island 15/08/2017

The Love Island star is going under the knife again to correct her first boob job, and has shared photos ahead of her surgery (because of course she has).

She shared a snap of her implants and warned her followers against getting breast augmentation too early.

In an Instagram post she said:

Girls - learn from my mistakes. My first breast augmentation, I was ill advised and made the decision with too much haste - do your research and make sure you use a company you trust. I am so lucky that the amazing doctors and surgeons @w1wellness gave me the most amazing advice and information on my procedure. Having surgery shouldn't be taken lightly.

Usually most people look pretty goddamn awful when at the doctors or before getting surgery (unflattering surgery gown anyone?) - but not her. Jessica has managed to make even surgical stockings look hella sexy!

Why is she getting a second boob job? 

Jessica previously admitted to wasn't happy with her first enhancement, which left her with "weird" boobs. She told OK! Magazine:

"Yes, I had my boobs done when I was 20 or 21, but I didn’t make a very well-advised decision about them. They didn’t turn out great and I suffered a lot of side effects. I’ve been looking at getting them reduced."

Her implants were too heavy for her skin, causing what they call "rippling" and "bottoming out".

"They’re way too big," she shared. "I shouldn’t have got that big on a implant over the muscle at such a young age."

What does her Love Island boyfriend, Dom, think? He doesn't have a problem with her breasts, saying he loves her curves.

And so do we. You just do what's best for you girl!