Glitter Face Masks are coming to take over your Instagram feed

trending 29/08/2017

Get ready to look like Space princess thanks to this new face mask!

It's no surprise that everyone loves glitter, just look at any festivals outfits and you'll see everyone covered in the stuff (yeah we're expecting to see alot of it at KFC Edgefest too).

Glam Glow announced this week that they're going to be releasing there most sparkly collection yet...a Glitter Mask Mask just in time for Christmas. The face mask is going to be available online at Sephora. 

Other than looking 90's asf in this mask, after using it your skin should be lifted, tightened and toned plus once your done you just peel it off and in the bin it goes. Turns out Glam Glow aren't the only ones to realise glitter looks perfect on your face. Too Faced have also teased their own Glitter Face Mask on their Insta: