Dad goes viral after having no idea he's sitting next to Nick Jonas

scandal 01/09/2017

Why does something like this never happen to us!?

If you dream of one day randomly running it to one of your favourite celebrities then don't worry you're not alone. There is nothing more annoying though then finding out someone you know got to do exactly that without even knowing who they are which was exactly the case for Deanna Hall.

Her dad was flying back first class when everyone around him started to get a bit excited about a special guest who happened to be sitting right next to him. Deanna's dad txted her saying:

Who is Nick Jonas?

As you could expect Deanna freaked out when she realised her dad was sitting next to the one, the only, Nick Jonas and put the whole thing up on Twitter:

Even though Deanna didn't get the autograph she wanted, she's instead got a tweet going viral with more than 49,000 retweets, over 180,000 favourites, and 400 comments in ONE DAY.