Charlotte just announced split with Bear in this heartbreaking Snapchat

scandal 17/08/2017

Looks like Charlotte's love story has come to an end and it's got us like:

Charlotte and Bear first confimed their relationship back in February when they were first spotted together, since then they two has starred in their own show 'Just Tattoo Of Us' and travelled the world, including coming to The Edge where tbh we got the first glimpse that things might not work out after this comment:

Now Charlotte announced first on twitter that they've called it quits saying "I tried my hardest and it obvs wasn't good enough".

And just now she's put a story up on her Snapchat saying "I love Stephen more than anything in the world, but I don't think I'm what Stephen wants right now"

Watch the full snap below but get the tissues because this gave us all the feels: