ATTN: You can now buy Eminem's mansion for a casual $2 million

scandal 15/08/2017

BRB, cleanin'out my closet because we've found our new home!

Eminem has put his mansion in Michigan up for sale this week and it's a bargain. Ok maybe not a bargain for the majority of us but could be for you if you've got a spare couple million lying around the house like:

He's put he house on the market for $2 million which is a lot less then what he bought it for 14 years ago. He bought it for $4.75 million, more than twice as much as what it's up for now.

But that drop in price isn't because it's turned to a dump (even though it definitely needs a re-vamp). The house has six-bedroom suites, tennis courts, a waterfall pool, a spa, a gamesroom, a private pond in the woods, and if you forget to set your alarm don't worry, it also comes with a 'guard house'.