ATTN: Gin and Prosecco marshmallows are now a thing

trending 25/08/2017

CAUTION: Do not get this mixed up with your standard marshmellows next time you're out camping...

If you're in to liqueur chocolates, we've found something new to calm your sweet/alcoholic tooth. The Naked Marshmallow Co has just released a new range that includes hand-made marshmallows that have been injected with some of your favourite drinks:

The marshmallows come in three different flavours: London Dry Gin mixed with elderflower, Prosecco with raspberry, and martini.

And this isn't one of those 'Alcohol flavoured' tricks, this is legit get turnt on some roasted marshmallows so you obvs need to be over 18 to try these. A pack of these will set you back $10 per 100g so we'll be buying some of these ASAP.