ALERT: A 'Hug A Pug' event is coming to NZ

scandal 11/08/2017

We don't even need to wait till September to know this is will the happiest day of the year...

If you're someone who looks at a dog across the road and thinks 'omg let me love you' then this is the event for you. A 'Hug A Pug' event is coming to Auckland September 2nd. It's a gold coin donation which we'll happily pay for two reasons:

1) There is no price to high that would stop us from hugging doggo
2) All proceeds are going towards helping the NZ pug rescue which we are 100% here for.

And if you've got a pug of your own and wanna help them make some pugger friends (pug + pupper) then great news because they're invited too!