This is the age when you're 'too old' to go clubbing new study says

scandal 12/07/2017

Looks like the good'ol clubbing days are gone for a whole lot of people (according to this study atleast).

Currys PC World found that 37 years old is the age most people find it 'unacceptable' to go out to nightclubs. The study also found that 31 years old was the age most people began to prefer staying at home rather than going out.

The biggest reason for 37 being the cut off age apparently is because most people aren't able to 'face the hangovers' or can't be bothered dressing up, sorting out baby sitters etc.

Matt Wallburn from Currys PC World said "The Great Indoors study recognises the fact that there comes a time when we appreciate our home comforts more than a hectic social life and it can often be a drag to play the social butterfly at parties and nights out".