Twitter went IN on Ed Sheeran's Game of Thrones cameo

trending 18/07/2017

Turns out not everyone was as happy as us to see Ed appear on Game of Thrones!

The Shape of You singer is copping a bit of flack on Twitter from die-hard GOT fans (settle down guys) for simply playing a minor character on the show.

Warning - spoilers for Game of Thrones S07E01 follow.

Ed appeared in a cameo as part of a small group of Lannister soldiers who are joined by none other than Arya Stark.

Sheeran sings as she approaches, then they share some food and chat about King's Landing and what the soldiers are doing - which happens to be cleaning up after a massacre Arya carried out earlier in the episode.

Some fans expressed joy at the scene - but others were more disgusted with it than the extended sequence of Samwell cleaning up old men's faeces, graphically.

Here are some of the best tweets. H/T to Dan Rutledge from Newshub for leading us on to these.

But other viewers saw the lighter side of his cameo and took the opportunity to make a few jokes.