Turns out almost 20% of men don't consider kissing cheating

scandal 04/07/2017

If your reaction is something like this right now:

Then dw because that's exactly how we're feeling too. We have a pretty straight forward idea of what we would consider cheating like having an affair, or kissing (and we're talking like a full on pash not just a kiss on the cheek) and you'd think this was the case for most people? turns out no.

'Relate and Relationships Scotland' found in a new study that almost 20% of men don't consider passionately kissing someone other than their partner as cheating.

The fact that only 9% of woman think the same way (which still isn't great) show that there is seriously something wrong here. 

The 'Way We Are Now' study also came to the conclusion that there has been a major communication breakdown in relationships so pls instead of thinking it's alright to kiss a random, talk to your partner!