This is the disgusting AF reason you should throw away your old makeup

scandal 05/07/2017

Let's not lie, we all find it hard to say goodbye to our makeup (so more often then not we just don't and let our makeup collection grow and grow and grow)

Whether it's a limited edition MAC lipstick, or one that you got given as a Christmas present 3 years ago and have only worn once to show the person who gave it to you have much you 'love it'...just us?

 Well Reddit user 'Semicolon_Expected' carried out a lil'experiment on her old lipsticks by swabbing their expired makeup on a petri dish and this is what happened: 


"So I swabbed my old Revlon Colorstay on a petri dish, the color on one side and the clear on the other side and left it out for 3 days. I don’t own an incubator, but the summer heat I guess was good enough. This is what grew after 3 days."

But this wasn't just the case with lipstick, they also tested an old mascara:

Yeeah...that's still a nope from us.

But other users were quick to comment that these results are as disgusting as what they look saying "Since you incubated at room temp (~25C depending on your local summers) I wouldn't worry too much. Most pathogenic bacteria do not thrive at this level, so what's on the plate is likely not a large concern."

But what ever the case, this is all the motivation we need to go have a spring clean!