The exact times you need to get to bed to wake up feeling fully rested

trending 21/07/2017

Apparently it's more complicated than hitting the sack early to feel more refreshed the next day.

The Mirror wrote an article claiming that it has to do with sleep cycles rather than the number of hours of sleep. 

They claimed that someone from a blinds company has figured out the complicated bits and created a sleep calculator that takes in account of your sleep cycles and the duration it takes to fall asleep - all you gotta do is punch in the time you need to get up and it'll do it's magic and tell you the latest time you can go to bed and still feel refreshed the next day.

Lucky you, we've compiled the common waking hours into this handy table* below!
*Based on the average duration to fall asleep of 14 minutes.

Time to wake up: You should sleep at:
6AM Earliest: 8.46pm
Latest: 1.16am
7AM Earliest: 9.46am
Latest: 2.16am
8AM Earliest: 10.46am
Latest: 3.16am
9AM Earliest: 11.46am
Latest: 4.16am

Waking hours above don't apply to you? Try the calculator for yourself here.

Waking up halfway through your sleep cycle would leave you super grumpy and groggy so make sure you do all you can to ensure your sleep isn't disturbed!

Here's our top 3 tips on how you can do that:

1. Make sure your room is completely dark.

Alternatively, put on a sleep mask!

2. Slip on some comfy socks!

According to a 1999 study, having warm hands and feet helps you fall asleep faster!

Keep your bedroom quiet.. But not too quiet!

Remove all noise makers like ticking clocks/watches and etc. If you're a light sleeper, we recommend you to put on white noise on low volume while you sleep.