New study claims one cup of coffee extends your life by NINE minutes

trending 20/07/2017

Put down your phones and go grab a cuppa, quick!

According to two recent studies, one being being the largest coffee drinking study ever conducted, each cup of coffee increases your life span by 9 minutes.

The studies has revealed that people who drink one-three cups a day reduce their chances of death by 12-18%.

Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter from University of Cambridge calculated that a cuppa a day will extend a man's life by 3 months and a woman's by a month.

Doctors all around are recommending people to drink more coffee but a Prof Naveed Sattar from University of Glasgow has a different perspective. He remains unconvinced that there is a link between coffee and heart disease regardless of the large scale study that was made.

Both studies were published in Annals of Internal Medicine.