Science says these are the most attractive male celebs

scandal 28/07/2017

Well we can't argue with science! (not like we were going to anyway because these boys are hawt)

'The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery' have scientifically found out which male celebs are the most attractics using the 'golden ratio' which pretty much is a bunch of measurments which find out symmetrical you're face is.

They found out the top five hotties for each specific body part:

The World's Most Handsome Nose
To calculate the Phi ratio of the nose – measure the length of the nose from its widest point to the middle of the eyebrows, and divide that by the width of the nose at its widest point  - if that equals 1.618 you have the perfect nose dimensions.

1. Ryan Gosling 99.7%
2. George Clooney 99.6%
3. Prince William 89%
4. Bradley Cooper 87.9%
5. David Beckham 84.6% 

The World's Most Handsome Eyes
The perfect spacing of the eyes is also a ratio of Phi. The distance between the eyes, divided by the length of the eye should equal 1.618 to score 100%.

1. Harry Styles 98.15%
2. Will Smith 97.75%
3. Brad Pitt 97.75%
4. George Clooney 94.8%
5. Idris Elba 93.65%

The World's Most Handsome Chin
The width of the chin at the mid point where it goes in the most should be 1.618 times the length of the lip to score 100%.

1. Harry Styles 99.7%
2. Jamie Foxx 98.7%
3. David Beckham 98.6%
4. Idris Elba 98.5%
5. Ryan Gosling 97.4%

The World's Most Perfectly Shaped Face
Face shape figures are calculated from measuring the three sections of the face - the forehead from hairline to top of the nose, the nose itself from top to base, and from the base of the nose to the bottom of the chin should all be of equal length to score 100%.

1. David Beckham 96.4%
2. Ryan Gosling 93.8%
3. Brad Pitt 92.9%
4. Bradley Cooper 92%
5. Idris Elba 91.4%

If only we could have had a science class on this in High School!