Rob Kardashian finally apologises for public outburst about Blac Chyna

scandal 13/07/2017

Hmmm, we're not sure how "sincere" this apology is Rob...

Rob Kardashian has finally spoken out about his very public outburst on Blac Chyna last week, which has since resulted in Blac Chyna being granted a restaining order against Rob by the courts. 

Incase you missed it (you've obvs been living under a rock if you have), let us get you up to speed with what happened.

Basically, Rob posted a whole heap of "revenge porn" of Blac Chyna on Instagram last week. He has since been barred from any further cyberbullying of Chyna - as well as having to respect the physical aspect of the restraining order.

Rob has now spoken out about the ordeal, according to TMZ.

A Kardashian insider has revealed to TMZ that Rob has apologised to his entire family for posting nude photos of Chyna online. He reportedly "regrets not dealing with the sitch in private rather than publicly."

Howeeeeeeever, there is one thing Rob is refusing to say sorry for, and that is the physical abuse claims she made. Rob maintains he never laid a finger on her.