Miranda Kerr's wedding dress photos are literally out of a fairytale

scandal 18/07/2017

Just incase you needed ~more~ proof that Miranda Kerr is in-fact a Disney princess in RL... this is it.

Miranda Kerr has finally shared some pics (and even a vid) of her wedding dress, and it is literally something out of a fairtytale.

Up until now, both Miranda and her now-husband Evan Spiegel (founder of Snapchat) have been very tight lipped about the wedding.

Luckily for us, the team over at Vogue were able to get all the behind-the-scenes pics and vids from the couple's intimate backyard wedding in Los Angeles in May.

Watch the video below:

Miranda wore a custom designed Dior wedding dress, which was accessorised with a stunning pearl-encrusted headpiece. 

"Honestly, I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful wedding dress. When I was young, my grandmother told me, 'Miranda, men are very visual. It's important to look good.' I was like, 'OK, Nan.' "

See some of the pics from Vogue below, she actually looks like a RL princess.