Kim Kardashian put North West in a corset and people are seriously outraged

scandal 17/07/2017

Kim has been mummy shamed, yet again! 

Kim Kardashian West dressed her daughter North West in a corset top, and people are really unhappy about it.

It's a known fact that Kim has always been heavily scruitinised/judged by people - especially when it comes to her kids and parenting skills.

The most recent back-lash is over how she dressed North (and we don't really understand what all the fuss is about tbh).

North was photographed wearing a little corset over her silk dress, and fans were NOT happy about it.

They took to Twitter to express their disgust.

One angry user tweeted: "North west wearing a "corset"? Let the child be a child."

Another said: "Let North dress like a kid what in the world! I'm positive she didn't wake up and ask to wear a corset over that dress."

The majority of people are angry about the outfit because of the sexual connotations surrounding corests.