If you failed your driving test, then you're probs really smart

scandal 28/07/2017

We've all got that mate that had to go for their restricted 6 times before passing...

Well bad news, they might actually be the smartest one in your group after all.

A new study out of the UK has found that people with a degree or some form of post-graduate qualification were more likely to fail their driving test the first time compared the people who didn't have degrees. 52% of those with degrees passed on the first go compared to 59% of those without degrees were able to pass on the first go.

The study also found that those who studied math took longer to pass their driving test with an average of 2.3 attempts and that creative people were able to pass the test with fewer attempts.

After the study, Dr. Lee Hadlington said "Those who don’t have formal qualifications could be in roles that rely more heavily on procedural skills like motor control, hence they may be better suited to activities like passing a driving test".