Fans think Little Mix's Perrie Edwards threw shade at Gigi Hadid last night in Auckland


Remember back to when Little Mix took one for the team and put everything we've ever wanted to say to our ex into a song?

Well 'Shout Out To My Ex' is back in the news all thanks to the girls show in Auckland last night!

While singing the song fans think Perrie changed up the line "Hope she ain't faking it like I did" to say "Hope she ain't faking it like Hadid".

We could think that maybe we're just hearing the word wrong because of their geordie accents, but going by Jade's reaction when she couldn't stop laughing we can tell that there was definitely more to it than that...

And if you missed Little Mix last night, get your next fix of girl groups at KFC Edgefest where Fifth Harmony will be live!