The cutest times Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were not-so-secretly flirting with each other on social media

scandal 31/07/2017


Gossip is swirling that the two Riverdale lovers are dating in real life - especially after they were spotted kissing and holding hands in public just last week.

Which has got the internet deep-diving into their social media accounts to see all the times in the past year and a half they've interacted and flirted with each other, right in front of our faces without us knowing.

Here - in chronological time order - are all the moments the two have hinted and given clues that they may have been secretly dating....which is seriously so cute if they are an item now!

21 March 2016 - Let's start where it all began with this pic. This photo was snapped during the very first week of filming. No big deal, right? Just look at Lili's loving gaze toward Cole...

20 May 2016 - That hand placement.

5 June 2016 - When Lili spent the summer hanging out with Cole and his bro, Dylan.

5 August 2016 - Then this one. Lili wishing Cole a happy birthday....but look at how cosy and cute and couply they look together. 

21 February 2017 - earlier this year when our boy KJ Apa shared this pic of Cole to his IG, Lili commented a reply "*santa".

26 February 2017 - And then this one. We love love LOVE this one. In February Lili posted this beautiful pic of herself wearing nothing but a fluffy coat:

Cole's response?

23 April 2017 - And then there's these pics that Cole has taken of Lili himself.

Just make it official already guys!