Cole Sprouse makes heartbreaking confession about his acting career

scandal 14/07/2017

This is actually reaaaaally sad you guys...

Cole Sprouse has revealed a really sad confession about his acting career and it will actually make you wanna cry.

It's a good thing that Cole Sprouse landed his role on Riverdale, because if he didn't get the role of 'Jughead' we would have never seen him on our screens again. 

In a recent interview with Wonderland Magazine, Cole revealed that he gave himself an ultimatum of 7 days to get cast in a new role, and if he didn't, he was going to GIVE UP on acting all together. 


Like, can you even imagine if didn't get the role??

We wouldn't get see his beautiful, beautiful face. And that is NOT okay. 

"I went over to California from New York for a single week and I told my manager, 'If I don’t book anything this pilot season I’m never coming back to this,'" Cole said.

"I just pulled the trigger on it and said, 'Alright, f—k it, let’s see how it goes.'"

Cole also went on to explain how he personally relates to Jughead:

"It felt like a role that I could really dive into. Of course I’m pulling off of lived experience for the character as well," Cole explained.

"There comes a real loneliness in celebrity where you’re constantly told you're part of an out group in your own society."

P.s here's an entire minute of Cole Sprouse eating a hamburger for your own private viewing pleasure. You're welcome.