Be prepared to lose it cos Whittaker's just launched 4 brand new flavours

scandal 14/07/2017

Yaaaas, new chocolate flavours just in time for the weekend!

Well... they are *technically* available in to purchase in store from Monday, but hey. It's still exciting news! 

Our mates over at Whittaker's have released FOUR new chocolate flavours to their 'Destinations Collection' and boy oh boy do they look delish.

They announced the new range on their Facebook page earlier today, showcasing the four new flavours.

There is: Nicaraguan Heirloom Dark Chocolate, Caramelised Pecans, Waffle and Canadian Maple Syrup, Italian Piedmont Hazelnut aaaaaand last but not least, Indian Cardamom and Italian Apricots.

The second one looks like it will be our fave!