ATTN: The first teaser for the 'Hey Arnold!' movie has just been released

scandal 11/07/2017

get ready to feel like a kid all over again because Arnold's back!

Not to turn this in to one of those '90's kids will remember' stories but we all grew up following his adventures, and  ofcourse Helga, who gave us the biggest plot twist ever by having a crush on Arnold.

After years of planning, Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie is set to be released in November this year. It'll see the team back together as very grown up sixth graders.

"For our characters, it's going to play like it's only been one or two years even though it's really been 15 or 20," Bartlett said.

It's the movie I always wanted to make

In the movie we'll see Arnold and his classmates head to the jungles of South America and we can't wait!

Source: Newshub.