ATTN: Here's 10 ways that can help prevent getting a hangover

scandal 07/07/2017

If you're planning on getting like this tonight:

But you don't want to wake up like this tomorrow:

Then we're here to help!

We've found 10 ways that can help to stop you getting a hangover and regretting every decision you've ever made (well maybe not EVERY decision) and these 10 ways are from the experts to you know it's legit.

1. Before you drink take a few multivitamins or drink some pomegranate juice because antioxidants help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress which can play a big factor in getting a hangover.

2. hangovers don't just come because of how much you drink but how you metabolise alcohol so make sure to eat a meal that has protein, carbs, and fat in it - i.e eat a burger.

3. Avoid the Champagne, yes we know that might be hard but sometimes the good things in life aren't easy. Bubbles in the sparkling wine can accelerate the absorption of alcohol getting you drunker faster.

4. Down a couple Gatorade's or Powerade's in between your drinks, they replace the fluids and nutrients you lose while drinking making waking up the next day a lot easier.

5. Switch out your rums and whiskey for just vodka or gin as have fewer toxins (we already know your downing those vodkas but hey).

6. While you're out drinking remember to dance like crazy (which you should be doing anyway) mainly because you'll be too busy dancing to go and get another drink.

7. Don't drink too much water before you go to sleep. Downing litres of water before you sleep can put your body under a lot of stress and can mess up your sleep so stick to one or two glasses.

8. Now this one we all already knew, when you wake up in the morning help your self to a plate of eggs. They are full of cysteine which can help break down a headache-causing toxin which comes from drinking alcohol.

9. Go grab yourself a glass of sprite when you wake up. It can help to speed up your alcohol metabolism which will decrease the amount of time your body has to put up with harmful chemicals from alcohol.

10.  DON'T DRINK HERBAL TEA. A study found that herbal tea makes your body process alcohol more slowly when means you're hangover will last a lot longer.

 Happy drinking everyone!