A 'Netflix Hotel' has just opened so you can binge-watch in peace

scandal 10/07/2017

Have you ever sat down at 5pm and thought 'I might just watch one episode and then I'll go do something productive' but before you know it, it's now 1am and you're like:

We'll now you can make a holiday of your binge-watching needs by staying at this pop-up hotel!

Bed'N'Binge has just opened in London where you can literally just stay in bed all day streaming shows and the best part? the rooms are themed to match the most popular shows on Netflix so you can really get the full experience.

You can stay in the Stranger Things room... 

Or the Orange Is the New Black room...

How about staying in the PLL room?

And staying here won't cost you the same amount as your Netflix subscription because it's completely FREE. You'll also get given a device to watch the shows on so don't worry about using up your own data. 

A spokesperson told the Birmingham Mail "All guests receive the same amount of tokens for food and drink, regardless of how long they binge for. In exchange for the free food [and everything else], we just want people to binge-watch their favorite Netflix shows".

Could this place get any better!?!