You could be a part of the Wizarding World in Jk Rowling's next movie

scandal 07/06/2017

All the hours of watching Harry Potter have prepared us for this exact moment!

Warner Bros announced through Pottermore that they're hosting an open casting call to be in the next 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' movie. They're looking for 5 teenagers, between 13 -18, to play young versions of some of our fav characters!

Not only could you play a younger version of Newt, the main character from the first movie, but you could also play Dumbledore. FRICKIN DUMBLEDORE. P.S Jude Law is going to be the older Dumbledore in the movie so you'll get to work close with him, which, you know, is obvs an extra bonus...

You don't need any acting experience to apply but what sucks for most is what you do need to apply is to be eligible to work in the U.K (i.e have a U.K, Irish or EU passport) but hey if that is you, you can apply here!