You can now go speed dating with puppies

trending 15/06/2017

TBH we don't know why this wasn't already a thing. 

We all know how first dates go. Once you've already asked "So what do you do?" and "Do you have any brothers and sisters?" it can just like...

Well now you can fill that silence by playing with all the cute little puppies!

'Speed dating with puppies' is starting up this weekend in Sydney and we 100% want to go. Dear Pluto has teamed up with the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home for the event that will have 20 singles and a whole heap of puppies all mixed together.

and if you want to bring your own dog, because we obvs can't start seeing someone untill we get our dogs approval, then you can bring them along too. Tickets will cost $25 with all the profits going to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home so not only can you find love but you're also helping out the pets.

Who would be keen for this in NZ!?