Why Camila Cabello said no to singing Chainsmokers 'Closer'

scandal 09/06/2017

A few months ago audio of Camila Cabello singing Chainsmokers 'Closer' made the rounds, prompting speculation that she was the original singer for the number one hit. And it turns it she so was!

The former member of Fifth Harmony went on the Elvis Duran Show where she listened to the snippet and fessed up that she was indeed supposed to sing for the song instead of Halsey.

“I loved the song, but I had to turn it down because I was with the group at the time, and we were about to put an album out,” Cabello said in the interview."

“So I didn’t wanna — I always tried to do my solo stuff off-cycle, so that was super on, and so I had to say no. And then it was the number one song in the world.”

So it looks like Camila missed out this time, but Halsey did a wicked job as it was, so it'd be weird if she wasn't on the massive track.