This little girl hugging her 'BF' goodbye will make your heart break

trending 30/06/2017

Love hurts, even when you're only 9.

This is the story of heartbreak, a story of two young 9-year-olds who have been best friends, and they'll argue boyfriend and girlfriend, since they could remember.

Haylie is the sister of the young girl who's boyfriend had to move away from town, breaking each others hearts (AND OURS!!!), and she took to Twitter to show the world just how much love these two cuties had for each other.

She described their goodbyes as one of the "saddest thing ever," and we're gonna have to agree. The tears are beginning to flow just looking at the emotional pictures.

The little boys father took to Twitter to answers everyone's questions about the young couple, and it will make you even sadder.

He mentioned they go way back, before posting the most adorable picture of them when they were just little on the swing.


Apparently they've just naturally called each other bf/gf, and it's like they just knew growing up that they wanted to spend there whole lives together.

PLOT TWIST! It's about to get even more upsetting so grab ya tissues.

Turns out that along with growing up together and being true loves, the kids have been dance partners since they could remember, meaning not only are they losing a friend and bf/gf, their both losing there dance partner.

They've both basically lost everything they care about and we're sitting here just tearing up.


Luckily someone has already hit up Ellen, so hopefully she sorts this out ASAP, cause we can't take the pain anymore.