This is how much money Taylor Swift lost after taking a year off

scandal 15/06/2017

She can totally afford it tbh.

We all know Taylor Swift makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year... so how much did she loose from having a year off?

Tay Tay was actually topped the Forbes' highest earners list  in 2015, having earned a total of $225 million dollars.

Last year, she only earned $58 million (mainly from sponsorships with Keds, Diet Coke and Apple). This means she earnt $167 million LESS than the previous year.

Forbes have now knocked her down to 49th place on the highest earners list (although she is still the 7th highest woman on the list).

Here are the top earners for 2017 (well, so far only):

1. Sean Combs ($130 mill USD)

2. Beyonce ($105 mill USD)

3. J.K. Rowling ($95 mill USD)

4. Drake ($94 mill USD)

5. Cristiano Ronaldo ($93 mill USD)

6. The Weeknd ($92 mill USD)

7. Howard Stern ($90 mill USD)

8. Coldplay ($88 mill USD)

9. James Patterson ($87 mill USD)

10. LeBron James ($86 mill USD)