These degrees will earn you the highest income in NZ

trending 23/06/2017

Ministry of Education statistics show that Kiwi graduates are staying in the country despite falling pay rates.

Currently our national earnings median sits at $38,663.

If you have a bachelor's degree it's $39,614, $45,191 for those smart cookies with master's and $63,567 for doctorates, you know, those mates of yours who your parents wish you were as smart as.

Give those people a 10 year job and they can expect to be earning $64,553 for bachelors, $76,219 for masters and $88,352 for doctorates.

With all this chat about pay rates, and the fears that your dreaded student loan won't get paid off for ages, we bet all you really wanna know is where all the cash is at?

Medical bachelor's degrees is probably where you wanna be. Those are the people earning a healthy 6 figure salary after 10 years on the job (median of $124,800 after 10 years).

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Dentistry ($95,400)
Banking and finance ($86,700)
Law ($82,100)
Veterinary science ($81,100)
Accountancy ($81,000)
Engineering ($80,400)
Information technology ($79,200)