The theory about Andy's Dad in ‘Toy Story’ will make you cry

scandal 26/06/2017

We're not crying! We just have dust in our eyes...

Toy Story has been around for 22 years and for those 22 years kids have grown up wondering WTF happened to Andy's dad, and if we don't find out what happened soon then even their kids are gonna have the same problem.

A lot of people believe that that he separated from Andy's mum and left a long time ago, but the most popular theory suggests this story has a dark side.

Artist, toy creator and reviewer Mike Mozart, who was friends with Toy Story co-writer Joe Ranft, confirmed he was told what happened.

In a live stream, Mozart said Ranft consulted him for the first movie and told him, when asked, that Andy's dad "died before Toy Story 1 started.'"

So did Andy spend so much time and find comfort playing with Toys because his Dad passed away??? 

***Literally crying.

Disney hasn't confirmed the terribly sad comments, and instead co-writer Andrew Stanton disputed his account.

"Complete and utter fake news. Everyone go back to your homes. Nothing to see here, folks. #Iwasthere," he tweeted.

So is this fake news or closure on a Disney mystery we've been waiting years to be solved? WE NEED ANSWERS!