The sexes of Beyonce and Jay Z's Twins leaked

scandal 19/06/2017

US Weekly is reporting that it's sources close to Beyonce and Jay Z have leaked the genders of their newborn twins.

Beyonce went into labour just before the weekend and it looks like Blue Ivy has a new little brother AND sister!!!!!!!

Blue is so excited to be a big sister!

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that after giving birth, the newborns had minor issue surrounding their health which has kept them in hospital. Queen Bey is said to be doing fine, but is still in the hospital too.

Their source said that they "do not know the nature of the issue," and that "it’s unclear when everyone will be released."

We wish Beyonce and her family all the best with their health and recovery, and we know it's still only early but we CAN'T WAIT for the baby pictures!