The internet loses it over Justin Bieber awkwardly hugging Katy Perry

scandal 26/06/2017

Well, that's awkward...

Katy Perry was at the One Love concert in Manchester when she ran into Justin Bieber recently, with the two stars sharing a slightly awkward hug.

They're both really nice about it, but fans reckon Justin just has that uncomfortable expression on his face which says it all. #Awkward.

We could have left it there, and then everyone would have forgotten about that one time JB saw Katy Perry for 15 seconds, but it's 2017 and the internet obsesses over everything.

Let's start with the caption on the fan-created Instagram account, which reads, "I dislike Katy Perry," which makes us think that his fans aren't very Team Perry.

Beliebers are so rough on Katy, but maybe they're just jealous because she's rocking the OG Bieber cut at the moment.