The internet is actually obsessing over these new wedding rings

trending 12/06/2017

This is actually so adorbs you guys.

There's a new wedding band trend that's going viral, and it's literally the most thoughtful and sentimental ring EVER.

A Reddit user Im_High_Tech uploaded a photo of his sentimental and very "unique" wedding band that he had especially made with is wife's fingerprint engraved on it.

 "Several years ago, I saw some guy made a similar design using wood and I thought it would be great to make my wedding band more unique than the stuff you buy at the store. So I got in contact with a company online that designs custom jewellery, and asked them to make it out of white gold with black plating on the ridges."

The post generated nearly 2,000 comments with other users praising the idea and wanting to get it done themselves.

Other users said they had done similar things when loved ones had passed and had actually got their ashes melted into a ring that they could wear.