The 'Pizza Bikini' exists but the price would make your wallet cry

trending 30/06/2017

National Bikini Day is on the 5th of July and it's only natural for us Kiwis living in the wintry wonderland that is the Southern Hemisphere to figure out alternative options to the summery holiday.

We've done a bit of snooping and if you're dead keen on celebrating one of 'mans' favourite holidays, with it being pretty chilly at the moment, we think we've found the bikini for you.

Introducing the Pizza Bikini. 


An Italian restaurant has teamed up with a food stylist to design the two piece not-so swimsuit, designed specifically for the national day, only problem is, it is expenny AF!

The Pizza Bikini will set you back a cool $10,000!!!! 

You may as well go down to you local, pick up a $5 value pizza and slap it on your stomach instead of buying that. 

We can only dream.