Scientists have created the first ever tanning pill

scandal 15/06/2017

We need this ASAP.

Obviously it's winter so we all know the pain of spending forever covering our pale bodies in fake tan while trying to make sure there are no streaks...

Well in the not too distant future you could be getting that sun kissed look all thanks to a little pill!

Harvard University have developed a drug that could help you tan while also helping to reduce the risk of skin cancer which makes us 1000% more excited about this. The drug will work by stimulating the production of 'natural pigments'. This process was first discovered more than ten years ago on mice but has been a challenge getting it to work for us.

David Fisher from Massachusetts General Hospital told "Human skin is a very good barrier and is a formidable penetration challenge. Therefore, other topical approaches just did not work".

"But 10 years later, we have come up with a solution. It’s a different class of compounds, that work by targeting a different enzyme that converges on the same pathway that leads to pigmentation."

Right now the drug is going through safety checks before it can be released to the public but we'll be first in line for when it comes out!