Riverdale fans have lost it over this photo of Betty from season 2

scandal 27/06/2017

Does this photo reveal something cool about Betty in season 2 of Riverdale? Well, we think so!

We all know filming for season 2 of Riverdale has already begun, so there's no doubting that a few paparazzi shots/spoilers will make their way into the media.

One photo of Betty Cooper in particular has caused quuuuuite a stir amongst Riverdale fans.

The photo was posted by the official Archie Comics Twitter account, and it shows Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) and Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) working on a car.

What's the big deal? Well let us tell you... according to Riverdale fans it’s unclear who’s guiding who here.

Betty’s hand rests near Jughead’s hand, and it almost appears like she’s guiding him/showing him what to do (it could also be the other way around).

However **SPOILER ALERT** any hardcore fan of the Archie Comics will already know that Betty is actually a hard-out skilled mechanic in the comic books.