Real human sh*t has been found in iced drinks from Starbucks

trending 29/06/2017

Introducing... the new #Crappachino! 

This is quite disturbing news to share, but there has been real human poop found in Starbucks iced drinks.

What. The. Actual. F*ck. This is seriously disturbing. 

According to the BBC (and if there's one website that doesn't lie, it's the BBC), there has been a number of real faecal (poop) bacteria from humans found that have been in the ice used at many coffee chains around the world, including Starbucks.

An expert from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Tony Lewis, revealed the below statement after the discovery was made public: "the level of contamination of faecal bacteria concerns me a great deal."

"Following these results we took immediate action to review our food safety procedures and have updated our ice-handling guidelines and are in the process of introducing new ice equipment storage across our estate," A spokesperson for Starbucks said in a statement.

Seven out of ten samples from a similar coffee branch to Starbucks, Costa Coffee, were also contaminated with faecal bacteria.