OUR HEARTS: Draco Malfoy saved Harry Potter in this deleted scene

scandal 08/06/2017

Draco, we take back all the bad things we've ever said about you!

We all grew up thinking, Tom Felton's character, Draco was just a spoilt lil'Slytherin, especially when we was being rude to our hazza, but in the final few films we started to feel that he wasn't as horrible as the dark lord (You know what we're talking about, that scene where he killed Dumbledore? that scene + our hearts = broken).

But in a deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 that is doing the rounds again, we get to see Draco give Voldermort a big'ol NOPE and helping save Harry by throwing him his wand.

Now we can sleep easier at night knowing Draco was truely team Harry in the end!

Watch the full deleted scene above.