Melbourne cafe slammed for ridiculously pricey Nutella teaspoon

scandal 19/06/2017

You've got to be kidding.

In a world where Nutella is seen as the GOD of sweet treats, one Melbourne pop-up cafe is making headlines for it's not-so-original concept of Nutella teaspoons.

Spoonful of Sugar is the shop in question, and they recently launched their series of teaspoons containing the beloved hazelnut spread, peanut butter and jelly and several other desserts teaspoon combos.

It's exactly what it sounds like. Some cafe in Straya' reckons they can get away with selling you a teaspoon of Nutella, and then rip you a solid $5 for it!

That's outrageous! Unacceptable! And so unkind to wallets around the world!

It's literally a spoonful of Nutella with some sprinkles on top.

You may as well go to your next door neighbors house, spoon in one hand and cheeky dollar in the other, and you'd easy score yourself at least a mouthful on the cheap.

If you need to be reminded how much a tub of Nutella costs, look no further.

We checked out the green supermarket, which says $5 can easily get you more bang for your buck, and why wouldn't you buy a tub? Think about all the double dips you can do.