Margot Robbie just made the strangest beauty confession ever

scandal 29/06/2017

Aussie Margot Robbie is one of the worlds most beautful women, and when she gives beauty advice we probably should listen to her because she's done pretty well for herself.

The actress revealed to Elle Magazine that she uses nipple cream on her lips, which isn't that weird at all... ok maybe just a little.

Speaking to the magazine, Robbie says, "My lip balm, I use Bepanthen, which is actually a nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers or diaper rash cream for babies."

“I have a conspiracy theory that lip balms actually have additives in them to dry your lips out so you keep buying them. But because Bepanthen is just a cream for dry skin, it works.”

Well if it worked for you Margot, we'll have to give it a go ourselves!