Looks like Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy is going to be starring in a movie

scandal 14/06/2017

He's a leading man!

Well not really, we actually have no idea how screen time he'll have - that was just us trying to crowbar in a Fallout Boy lyric to fit the story #wetried

But it has been confirmed that Pete Wentz will be starring in his first ever movie role!

Wentz been cast in Escape Plan 2 according to a tweet from Steven Miller, the filmmaker behind the movie's production.

The first clue was this tweet that Wentz was tagged in:

Miller then tweeted again, this time a pic of Wentz posing with his guns.

These are the first glimpses of Wentz in his new movie role, and we gotta say....his character's looking pretty sharp!

For Fallout Boy fans - the band plan to release a new album this September, too. 2017's looking like a full-on year for him!