Kendall Jenner's latest Instagram post literally makes no sense at all

scandal 29/06/2017

Everyone is a bit confused by Kendall Jenner's latest Insta post.

Kendall Jenner has posted a picture of herself lifting up her t-shirt and holding her naked breast... but it's the caption and *purpose* of this particular Instagram post that has people confused.

The caption on the pic is, "Shop vintage tees now at @kendallandkylie #kendallandkylie"

Just think about this for a second. 

So she's trying to promote a vintage t-shirt clothing line, correct? 

Then why is the image solely focused around her holding her naked breast. You literally don't look at anything else, let alone the t-shirt she's wearing.

You can't even see the t-shirt at all tbh. She's lifting it up above her breast, so you can't even see what is on the front of it.

What. The. Actual. F*ck.