Katy Perry makes public apology to longtime rival Taylor Swift

scandal 12/06/2017

The moment we've all dreaming about has finally become a reality... the feud is OVER!

(Well... almost).

It will be over if Taylor Swift decides to play ball with Katy Perry and apologise too. Katy made the first move, so the ball is entirely in Tay-Tay's court.

Katy Perry has publicly apologised to her arch-nemisis Taylor Swift, after a looooongtime of rivalry.  

"I am ready to let it go," the "Bon Appétit" singer, 32, said during an interview over the weekend. 

"I forgive her and I'm sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her. I think it's actually like, I think it's time. There are bigger fish to fry, and there are real problems in the world. You know what I'm saying?"

"I love her, and I want the best for her," Perry continued. "And I think she's a fantastic songwriter, and I think that if we, both her and I, can be representatives of strong women that come together despite their differences, I think the whole world is going to go like, 'Yeah, well we can do this.' I don't know. Maybe I don't agree with everything she does and she doesn't agree with everything I do, but I just really, truly want to come together in a place of love and forgiveness and understanding and compassion."

After apologizing, she threw her hands up in the air and began singing "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen.

"There's a lot of other things out there in the world that people need to be focused on," she added. "God bless her on her journey. God bless her. Honestly."