Katy Perry confuses Australia for NZ

scandal 30/06/2017

You were close Katy, but still about 4,163 km off...

It's a sight that us Kiwis have had to get use to for years now. Those pesky Strayans and their flamin' flag that looks way too similar to ours, it pains us to see an Aussie flag in the place where a Kiwi flag should live.

Whether it's the Olympics or just a simple science textbook with inaccurate georgraphy, long has the New Zealand flag been replaced with the Australian one by mistake. Just mentioning it hurts!

Now we can claim a win, a small but a meaningful win for our nation after popstar Katy Perry touched down in Aus for an upcoming gig only to post a photo of the New Zealand flag on her Instagram story.

Of course this sent Twitter into a meltdown, with people confused AF as to why Katy was in New Zealand and not Australia.

Katy Perry had just landed in Aus so you could probably blame jet lag for the simple mistake, and once people picked up on the error they all had a chuckle.

Awww bless Katy. Thanks for sending us that cherry pie! Please hop over the ditch and say hi soon!