Jughead eats a burger to mark the start of Riverdale filming

scandal 23/06/2017

Riverdale is back filming!

To mark the start of filming for season 2, Archie Comics released a photo of Jughead chowing down on a burger.

Fans of the Archie Comics will know that Jughead Jone's character loves himself a cheeseburger, so much so you can see him bathing in the glorious meat and cheese combo in this poster.

Archie Comics announced the message on Twitter yesterday with a picture of Jughead (Cole Sprouse) holding a burger.

Jughead's character was only spotted with a burger in the last episode of the first season even after making plenty of trips to Pop's.

The post comnes just a day after Archie Comics posted a picture of their first table read of Riverdale season 2.

Riverdale is due for release on the 11th of October, and if you're still a little bit behind on all the buzz about season two, here's everything we know so far.