Here's the psychological reason behind why we post selfies

scandal 20/06/2017

There's a reason behind every single thing we do, including the thousands of selfies we take, then post on social media.

Like most things we seek answers for, we decided to ask our good friend science to give us a plausible answer.

So here it goes... 

Researchers examined the relationship between "self-worth and social media, finding that people who base their self-worth on others' opinions are more likely to post selfies."

The study from SUNY University at Baffalo went on to say, "It may be the case that people who base their [self-esteem] on appearance do not necessarily believe that they are capable of competing socially in this domain."

Another pyschological reason behind posting selfies is of course, narcissism and self-centerdness... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

"Narcissism significantly predicts individuals' intention to post selfies on social networking sites."

Narcissism has a stereotypical connotation of being negative, which is argued by a large group of social psychologists to be un-true. 

"The humanist movement introduced the concept of healthy narcissism, recognizing that some amount of self-love or self-esteem and a realistic appraisal of and appreciation for one’s qualities is necessary for healthy development."